We spin your challenges into gold. We’re not saying we’re magicians. But we do make things appear: Impact. Awareness. Brand loyalty. Longevity. And awesome ROI.


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With his mobile book fairs, Billy had accomplished some powerful feats: making reading infinitely more affordable and accessible, for young and old; inspiring children to believe that books can carry them away; and giving back to organizations that save lives or make them better. That’s the story his website (Billy Books’ first) had to tell.+ Read More

Soaring possibility, brought to life online.

A story that compelling had to have a hero. So we designed an illustrated superhero—call him Captain Possibility—a fun, colorful embodiment of all the good that Billy Books could do. Throughout the site, he appears on the scene (the backdrop always a relevant real-world scene) to guide viewers through the powerful benefits of Billy Books fairs—from inspiration to needed funding. Meanwhile, in the copy, readers are told to see themselves as heroes too—boosting engagement and affinity. The end of the story? Billy Books saves the day.

And awareness and favor went up, up and away.


  • BillyBooks! Responsive website

    BillyBooks! Responsive website

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    Animated character

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    Animated character