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BBC America Holiday Card

The Brits show their gratitude in posh ways. Lighthearted, but posh. When it came time for the BBC to share the holiday spirit with their cable executive customers, nothing but London’s finest, decked with wit and packaged in more finery, would do.+ Read More

With a holiday nod and a wink, winning customers over.

Its look: elegant. A sleek, minimal gift box, arrayed tastefully with silver snowflakes. Its tone: merry. An allusion to Saint Nick becomes, inside, a pat on the back for the BBC’s globe-spanning coverage. Also inside? Proof that the network should be taken seriously: an array of artisanal chocolates from one of London’s finest chocolatiers. For the BBC, it was a taste of sweet success.
  • BBC America Holiday Card 1
  • BBC America Holiday Card 2