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The College of Saint Rose

HOME. It’s a place, an idea, and a feeling. And it captures the unique draw of Saint Rose.

We used the concept to explore all facets of the Saint Rose experience — “Home of” an exceptional education, a proven career path, influential alumni, and more — at the same time conveying the real, accepting, supportive environment that makes Saint Rose feel like home.

With its rare ability to appeal to audiences on both emotional and practical levels, it was a simple but powerful position for the college to own.

  • Web page
  • Generic Branding


    Within a large-scale, integrated branding campaign, the new messaging let us definitively say, at every communication touchpoint, “There’s no place like Saint Rose.”

  • Brand Piece

    A signature, premium brand piece for the College touches on all the compelling reasons to attend.

  • Brand Piece and Transfer

    Every piece of collateral communicates the new brand look, feel and concept.

  • Billboard


    A multifaceted ad campaign captured the public’s imagination from a variety of platforms, conveying sky-high potential… 

  • Bus


    …or the power to transport students to a bright future.

  • Flags

    Visitors are immersed in the message throughout campus.


    Laser-focused landing pages on the School’s website were designed to get key messages to the audience quickly and easily.

  • Banner Ads


    Direct, meaningful banner ads made up a full-scale online promotion, including retargeting.

  • Photography


    New photography and art direction captured the spirit and experience of Saint Rose.

  • Yield