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Trusted Trends

When someone says “baby, you’ve got style,” they’re not usually talking to an actual infant. But Pufies, a European diaper brand looking to break out of a saturated market, wondered why not. Realizing that even great functionality, on its own, was not going to turn heads in the diaper aisle, they were looking for a way to infuse fashion into the formula.

Smart design reenergized the “bottom” line.

We took the idea and ran with it—straight to an A-list NYC fashion studio. We asked Kings of Cole founding designer Elana Brynes to consult on diaper themes inspired by what’s “in,” then created Trusted Trends, an array of diaper designs that were as stylish—and, of course, playful—as they were effective. To nurture the new line’s image, we created an integrated storytelling campaign, including web, video and a panel on every package that traced the path from trend to concept to consumer.

From an idea in its infancy, we created a brand that could stand on its own.

  • Elana Brynes Video


    With a lively, narrative video that introduces the designer behind the trends, we build both the caché of the brand and its connection to fashion-forward parents.

  • Packaging Line-Up


    The packaging, too, tells a story, giving parents—for probably the first time—a reason to linger in the diaper aisle.

  • Horizontal Package
  • Package Close-Up
  • Diapers 1


    Every pattern was a lighthearted take on designer trends, with a little note of whimsy from us: a hidden figure or element in each that turned the design into child’s play.