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Optimus Health Care

Optimus has been serving local Connecticut communities with the same dedication for more than 40 years. But while their commitment to patients never gets old, their means of communicating with patients, providers, and the community did. The Optimus website was dated, impersonal and difficult to navigate—the antithesis of everything they stood for.

Putting the care back in health care communications.

Coming from a place of limited web experience, both the site and the client needed some serious TLC. So while we held the client’s hands through the entire process, we gave them a site that stood on its own: inviting, engaging photographs of people caring and being cared for; user-focused navigation, including a section tailored specifically to new patients; and a new depth of information that let the community engage more fully—physically and emotionally—with Optimus’ care.

Check out the full site at optimushealthcare.org

  • Desktop Mockup


    Images throughout the site capture intimate moments between families, doctors and patients, and more, emphasizing happiness, wellness and the human side of health care.


  • Laptop Mockup


    With a redesigned, user-friendly interface, the site is newly welcoming and true to the promise of health care “designed for you.”


  • Patients Page


    By bringing the Optimus story to the forefront, the site lets patients immediately begin to develop a relationship with, and confidence in, those who’ll be caring for them.