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It was a big idea for little feet. Cut through all the chaos of shopping for children’s shoes with a site that sold nothing else, curated the most stylish brands, and—a mini revolution for kids’ shoes—guaranteed the perfect fit. All it needed was an identity as comfortable, fun and functional as the idea, and shoes, it was selling.

If the shoe fits…a new brand is born.

Channeling our kids within, we created an integrated campaign—from logo and visual identity to digital media—that looked and felt like child’s play. Vivid colors, graphics and photography set the tone, inviting parents into the experience, while the intuitive website and sizing apps gave the brand legs.

  • Logo


    A playful script, spelled out in laces, lent the logo authenticity, simplicity and delight.


  • Packaging


    On packaging, the brand name is spilling over (the edges) with enthusiasm, while placing the emphasis on what’s most important.


  • Website Mockup


    Designed to be dynamic, the KidsShoes site was optimized for both online and mobile devices.


  • Website
  • Kidsizing


    Cheerful illustrations were a strategic choice, not only conveying tone, but making the benefits and steps of their “kidsizing” process as simple as A-B-C.


  • App


    A mobile app simplified the process even further—and drove home the point that with KidsShoes you’d never have to make an extra trip. 


  • App 2